Bare Me Beauty

Dry Masques Take Over As The Hottest Beauty Trend

By Sarah Jean Harrison

My esthetician teases me that I’m more up to date with new clean beauty products than she is. Snail goo face cream? I’m in. Essential oil face mists? Integral to my daily life. Rose quartz face rollers? A little to “goop-esque” for me but I’m sure they feel nice. I was, admittedly, a little embarrassed when I began my conversation with Angie Tran, founder of Bare Me Beauty, with the question what on earth is a dry sheet face mask?

Wet masks, no problem. They have been a part of my beauty regime for years. But how does one gather the benefits of a mask that is dry? That cold, wet, must-be-laying-down feeling is how you “know” a face mask is working. Right? A dry mask, aka not cold, wet or slipping off my face as I try to look at my phone, seemed to be a contradiction in terms. I was, admittedly, a tad skeptical heading into this conversation.

Angie Tran, Founder of Bare Me Beauty

Angie, who was sympathetic to my ignorance, had the unfortunate experience of an allergic reaction to a commercial wet face mask. In an attempt to understand what may have triggered her reaction, Angie began researching the wet mask industry. She quickly discovered that the primary ingredients in wet masks: water and glycerin.

Harmless, right? Unfortunately, these seemingly innocuous ingredients are prone to harbouring bacteria. Chemical preservatives are used to combat bacteria growth and maintain a wet masks’ shelf life. Conventional wet masks, Angie realized, were potentially introducing a number of chemicals, some of which you may react to, onto your skin.

Which sounds terrible, especially to a clean beauty devotee like myself. But how would a dry mask be different?

The magic, it turns out, is in the textile used to hold the natural ingredients and transfer them onto, and into, your skin. Bare Me Beauty uses a medical grade polyester from Japan, which is antibacterial and can be reused 3 times, to host Biomimetic Micro Vectors (BMVs). The sheet mask acts as a barrier that prevents the active ingredients from escaping into the air, encouraging them instead into the skin via the BMVS, which are read by the epidermis as lipids. Bare Me Beauty’s formulation of 96% active ingredients are slowly and gently released onto the skin, nourishing your skin for up to 8 hours without the use of water or chemicals.

I was intrigued and but still a little confused. Where would I place a dry mask within my existing beauty regime? According to Angie, the best time is during your evening routine, right after cleansing and toning, and just before moisturizing.

But judging by the happy users on Bare Me Beauty’s Instagram feed, a dry mask is also the perfect antidote to dry skin on long flights (can you imagine the flight attendants face when you ask for a tea from behind a mummy-like mask?) and a great primer that helps your makeup stay in place all day.

It appears that I have yet another clean beauty innovation to share about during my next facial.

Publisher’s Note: Sarah Jean Harrison is a sustainability communications specialist at Peace Flag House, working with sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands. Her work has appeared in The Canadian Organic Farmer, Spin Off Magazine, FORWARD Fashion and Eco Warrior Princess.